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Title: Going to my norwegian class tonight...
Post by: idee on March 19, 2012, 06:39:19 pm
Tonight I am going to my first Norwegian class, to learn to speak Norwegian. My parents wanted us to speak only English and I always wanted to know another language so why not my Dad's home language.
I actually did really well in school but gave up when I found I was HIV positive. I was going to be a EMT. I lost my interest in the medical field.
But I am married, and a mom. All after becoming positive. My little family is very supportive and well hopefully I am good at learning a this new language.
I am going to start paralegal studies in the later part of this year also, which I may already have a job before that dealing with paralegal work of some kind. I am keeping my fingers crossed.
It just seems that my life is better than before I was positive. And my daughter is super excited because if I make it through school she gets a cell phone.