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Title: Vacation went well...
Post by: bleueyes on October 03, 2008, 07:48:23 pm
I went to California for a day to watch my Mother get recognized for being a great employee, and to see my daughter at her school.  I missed them all and even shared one of my favorite recipes with my littlest sister.  We had a good time and I even played with my brother while my husband took care of our boys at home.  And nothing was broken when I returned! 
My parents bought a beautiful new sleigh bed, I am so happy for them... the last time they got a new bed was in 1982.
And I also ate at my parent's home which was a great feeling also, to share something with my family again. 
The best part was taking my daughter to get her Halloween costume, she always puts costumes together.  This year she put items together from a costume shop and she is a cat fairy angel.
It feels good to be home again.  Last night I had a great sleep.  "GOD", I feel good.