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Title: Calling All Poz
Post by: 100proofBrandy on September 26, 2008, 12:27:12 pm
hello fellow pozzies
I am getting ready to speak to my school about HIV/AIDS education, treatment, awareness etc it will be my first large group, I have spoken to classes done meeting and broads but this is my first guest speaker thing "yicks" anyways I would like to run a slide of pictures of people with HIV/AIDS including myself of course with the age and how long they have been poz etc no names I want to have faces of real everyday people to bring to life this disease I'm in the bible belt and this disease gets pushed under the rug way to much.
here's what I'm asking anyone who would like to be a apart of the slide please send me a picture with age and how long poz to HIVadvocate@digitalpobox.com I will be having it taped so everyone can see how it turned out!