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Risk in massage with direct spilling

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Greetings friends! This forum provides an excelent service, keep going.

I think i had an exposure with a csw.

1. She gave me a handjob without touching the hand of my penis.
2. I suckled her tits for about 5 minutes, dont know if she was lactating
3. This is my main worry. She had 2 dark Red dots in her wrists above a tattoo. She Rubbed my asscheeks and lowerback using her wrists mixed with a lot of oil and i suspect her Red dots bleeded because i saw the marks later. Problem is ,i fell clearly 2 drops of this mixture(oil+blood) enter the dephts of my rectum. What are my risks?

English is not my first language, thanks in advance

Nothing you mentioned in this situation was an HIV risk because HIV is fragile and difficult to transmit. No one has ever been infected once it has been exposed outside the human host.

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Reducing Your HIV risks:
With no exceptions, use condoms correctly and consistently for anal or vaginal intercourse
Talk to a healthcare provider about PrEP as another layer of protection

Get tested yearly for HIV and other STIs.
If you don’t use condoms and/or PrEP, test more frequently

Some sexual practices described as safe in terms of acquiring HIV still pose a risk for other more easily acquired STIs. It is possible to show no signs or symptoms from an STI so testing is the only way to know.

Get tested at least yearly for STIs, including but not limited to HIV, and more frequently if condomless intercourse occurs.

What’s the ONLY way to know if you’ve been infected by HIV or an STI?
Get tested.

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Thanks for the reply. Im a lot less anxious after. Should i test in one month and post the result here só other ppl in similar situation get more piece of mind?

So These situations of a little blood entering from outside via mucous membrane are a non issue?

Have a great day guys

Jim Allen:
As Michael explained, what you posted here isn't an HIV risk.

So there was no HIV exposure, and no HIV testing is needed over this encounter and were not going to pretend otherwise.

Move on with your life, use condoms, consider PrEP and get an HIV & STI screening yearly.

Hello friends!
    15 days ago i had an encounter with a CSW that seemed drugged. I rubbed my mouth in her vagina( she was with her underwear) and in a 69 position she BJ me unprotected I also estimulated her clitoris with my finger and after touched the head of penis with vaginal fluid.  What are the hiv risks? 

Thanks in advance, you guys do a very important job.


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