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I had a risky sexual encounter 8.5 months ago with an individual who I now believe to be HIV positive. However I cannot get in touch with this person. I am quite well versed on all things HIV, having spent the past few months moving through levels of stress, worry and feeling relaxed on the possibility of having contracted HIV. I tested negative for HIV via antibody testing 3 weeks post encounter (I know this was no use, however I did not know this information at the time), following this I tested negative via 4th generation test and then 3rd gen insti test post exposure. Both negative. This eased my worries for 3 months, however 4 months ago I had became sick and developed random bruises all over my body, and raw gums. I was worried that this may have been seroconversion so I tested via insti 3rd gen test again (4.5 months post exposure), negative again. This again eased my worries and I began not to think of having HIV anymore at all. However within weeks following this event I developed a host of different symptoms, spent 5 weeks sick with a bad cough, bruising easily, spots on face and neck (usually have very clear skin), fat loss that still is worsening today, all over body, extremely prominent veins, all over, legs , arms and temples. However most recently I've been having significant amounts of stomach inflammation and gastric reflux, to the point that I spend days dealing with large amounts of gas that makes doing everyday things painful. Possibly unrelated, I have also been dealing with a stiff leg for the past 2 months that has progressively got worse, and now I find myself being short of breath doing mundane things such as walking or cycling, and have to sit down. I'm 29 years old, and normally a very fit person, so all of this is quite strange. I'm aware that symptoms cannot diagnose HIV and testing alone can. However I would just like to know whether giving my testing results combined with these symptoms whether I need to test again. Have you seen anyone received such negative results and then change to positive after 4.5 months? Thanks in advance.

Jim Allen:

--- Quote ---I had a risky sexual encounter
--- End quote ---

What was the risk? Condomless intercourse, you gave someone a blowjob? What?

Hi Jim, the risk was sex with condom, however condom may have slipped (was very drunk, stupid I know), I also had a 5 day old deep gash on my thumb which was in the process of healing but still open. There was no other risky encounter before or after that date so I am still quite worried about it.

Jim Allen:

So you had no HIV risk from the concerned encounter, no reason to test and yet you did and of course the result was non-reactive.

--- Quote ---Have you seen anyone received such negative results and then change to positive after 4.5 months?
--- End quote ---

Sure in those that have ongoing exposures. Are you sexually active with anyone? Partner, wife etc?if so do you use condoms? Are you sharing needles?

Hi Jim,

Thanks for the reply,

No sharing of needles or engaging in otherwise risky sexual activity.

I have a partner, that relationship only began 3 months ago following my test at 4.5 months as I believed at the time for it to be conclusive, however with all of these ongoing symptoms Iíve been more and more concerned. The risky encounter would have been the only possible exposure that could have caused this. Would you have seen a false negative 6 week 4th gen test turn positive at a later date, or a 3rd gen turn positive after 4.5 months, with consideration given for there only being one possible potential for exposure and this was the encounter 8.5 months ago. Thanks


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