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New diagnosis, drs don't seem concerned

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            ojo.            Hello there!!!

As Jim mentioned, waiting a month won’t make a difference so, please relax…envío risk? No comprender, having hiv does not make you radioactive. Your cd4 is good so you are ok. As soon as you start your med and you are adherent to it, you will be ud then, you will be feeling more relax and continue with your normal life…did the doctor do a resistance test?, if he did, maybe that’s the reason he made you wait before start treatment.

You have done yourself a favor, getting tested for hiv, now you know you acquieref it, now you treat it. It’s a tough dx to get but, fortunally, it takes just one pill a day to control the virus so you.can go back and take control ntrol of your life again…if you go partying, don’t forget the balloon… please keep us posted…good luck


                 Ojo.                 Oops! I don’t know what happened. Double reply. Sorry.

Well, just as an update, went to another dr, they scheduled specialist after a couple weeks, started treatment that day.  30 day blood test results came back, dropped from 250,000 to 110.  I mean, from a scientific standpoint I know I wasn't radioactive, but I still felt like it.  Looks like things are as going as well as I can expect.  Thanks for the support here, I needed it.

great to hear that your numbers have already improved so much!

--- Quote from: lovefishing on May 22, 2023, 06:29:49 pm ---I mean, from a scientific standpoint I know I wasn't radioactive, but I still felt like it

--- End quote ---
I think we have all felt that way at some point. Especially after diagnosis getting that first really high viral load count. However there's really only two people you might have been radioactive for: any receptive (anal/vaginal) sexual partners with whom you used no protection and anyone who shared a hypodermic needle after you. Towards everyone else, whether your VL was undetectable or 8 million, you were of no danger. .

A nice note to remember: as soon as you reach an undetectable viral load and stay that way for at least 6 months, you won't be a problem to your receptive (anal/vaginal) sexual partners even without a condom (undetectable = untransmittable)


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