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I'm having trouble interacting with my doctor, after taking truvada, my feet are burning and tingling,  and my balance is off, the Dr. Doesn't believe the medicine caused this, I've Never had any problems like this before,  And The medicine list these side affects as a symptoms, what should I do, we got into a heated argument and he said I should seek treatment elsewhere?

Jim Allen:

Sorry to hear you are experiencing issues with burning and tingling. Are you living with HIV, and have you switched treatment since? What are your lab results like?

Sorry that you got into an argument with your doctor.  Are you normally able to talk with your doctor about your issues and have repour and respect?

I switched doctors a few years back when I didn't have the repour and ability to work with them.  I now have a great team.  Not sure if you have the ability but it may be good idea get a second opinion.

Now onto the Neuropathy.  Have you been diagnosed with this or just making the assumption that is what it is?  I too, have Neuropathy and think it was caused by the HIV and not the Rx but trying to connect it to either has be a challenge.  I have two Neurologists working on it and going through the EMG's sure aren't fun but get to go through a third one in a few weeks. 

Either way, try to continue to work wit your doctor to come to a consensus that you are OK with and understand. 

Wishing you the best.

Dizziness and neuropathy are entirely.unrelatef conditions so arm yourself with facts before you get rude with your new healthcare team.


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