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What does Triumeq taste like?


I am about to start taking Triumeq and wondered what is best food or drink to mask the taste, or is it OK just to swallow and does it have any lingering taste? I have read some conflicting posts about taking with or without food and morning vs evening to cope with side effects so all suggestions welcome

Jim Allen:
It doesn't taste like anything, you swallow it, not crew on it. Also you shouldn't be expecting any side effects asides from settling into it prehaps.
The whole taking in the the AM is for people who do experience some insomnia.

Are you living with HIV? If so is this your initial treatment, what are your labs like and how are you doing otherwise?

Thanks - I'd rather not discuss my results on this forum. Thanks for link. Will take in the morning in case of insomnia. I have a bit of this already due to worry so don't want to make it worse.

Jim Allen:
You're welcome.

--- Quote ---I'd rather not discuss my results on this forum
--- End quote ---

Well then don't post on the forums again until you are willing to introduce yourself to the other forum members and share results.

Thank you.


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