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Does anyone have any experience with Covid and anti virals for them?

I just tested positive.  Had a scratchy  throat and decided to take a RAT test.  Feeling like more symptoms emerging but at moment temp OK,  O2 OK, blood pressure slightly elevated from Normal (140/85). Normal = 120/75. But that could be from knowing i tested positive! 

I only found out of my HIV status this May.  left the hospital end of May after after a bout of severe pneumonia (PCP) and 9 CD count.  My sept test show CD 4 of 110 and VL of 175.   I gave blood samples last week for a 3 month follow up but no results yet. 

My doctor is recommending out of an abundance of caution i immediately go on a course of Paxlovid and Mulnupiravir. 

Does anyone have any experience with 1) low CD4 and Covid?  2) taking this dual combo of anti-virals? 

Just trying to get some more comfort and reduce my current worry. 

Jim Allen:
Until a few weeks ago, all covid related posts were merged into these two threads:

COVID Thread:

COVID Vaccine thread:

I hope that helps. Plenty of members picked up COVID.

Anyhow, hope you feel better soon.

🙏🏻 🙏🏻 🙏🏻 🙏🏻

Doesnt sound too encouraging for someone like me (61, below 200 CD4, recent PCP) but should be stable viral load.  Scared but trying not to be.

Jim Allen:
Don't be scared.

Yes, you have COVID, but on the positive side, there are far worse things in life, and you have treatment and access to healthcare.

Seems like you are doing well, considering you are typing on the forum means you are not on your deathbed ;) Relax and get some rest; focus on something within your control.


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