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Jim Allen:
Just donated to the vampires this morning and now waiting for my prescription to be filled.

CD4 971, UD  - wash rinse repeat in 6 months

Blood pressure 150/90  ??? caused by eating crap, answering "Am I" posters and no exercise.

In other words as with most things, nothing to do with HIV
Solution eat less crap ... No, I'm not going to exercise screw that.


Brilliant numbers Jim. I know you don't obsess over them like many do, but still - stoked for you.

I have the same eating crap and not exercising issues. I had planned to re-start my gym going this week but have had a week of hell (family death, gf urgently referred to breast clinic and finally broke my hand doing something insanely stupid) which has ground all best laid plans to a halt!

Jim Allen:
Indeed, I waited 6 months to find out my numbers, new doc mentioned it otherwise I would not have even asked or found out  ;D

Yeah, diet is a problem, and I know you like me have the curse of working in the office.
You know how it is, coffee, sweet drinks, cakes, food at the desk, food on the go, Friday pub grub and sitting in a chair all day.

Lol. Got to start doing something about it.

--- Quote ---family death, gf urgently referred to breast clinic
--- End quote ---

My Condolences and I hope you gf is okay and its just a scare over nothing.
Take it easy.


Great numbers Jim !

Except for the BP... ???  Do you have another pill now ?

PS... Cavey , you have indeed had a shitty condolences as well

Jim Allen:

--- Quote from: Wade on May 12, 2017, 07:30:25 am ---Except for the BP... ???  Do you have another pill now ?

--- End quote ---

Nah - its was a crap result last time as well but slightly less though 140/100 now 150/90
Ill see in 6 months if the BP is down or not and measure it from home a few times.

 I don't like the hospital and it means driving to Dublin so after an hours road rage to get to the hospital my guess it this + a poor diet puts the BP up,  So better diet and less rage should reduce it for the next visit I hope  ;D


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