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today I start in trial of 114 adding norvir and truvada. bummer. I have taken viread and emtriva several times and they both make me very,very nuaseated and sick, but there is nothing else,so I will try again. I havent taken norvir since the wonderful liquid norvir,which was similiar to drinking gasoline mixed with tequila, but not quite as tasty. I thought I was resistant to both of these but WTF?  Just another day dealing with this manageable little virus. Fuck me.

Matty the Damned:

You and I both know that you're cantakerous enough to cope with anything. ;)

Best of luck with the trial.


There you are you old coot...I was wondering where you went. Listen you try any and everything they want you to. You know you are the right-wing ying to my left-wing yang....and I would not have it any other way. I may be a glutton for punishment but I missed you. Now let me get your HIV infected blood boiling.

Hal :-*




You can change your name but you can't change a leopards spots.

HeHeHe, Now when you go off line we can call you JACK-OFF.

Take you meds and shut up or we'll have to send Hillary after you. You would probably do her. ROFLMAO

Terry ;D

TMC 114 is an amazingly interesting and (so far) effective drug.  I have 5 datasets on it on my email awating a morning coffee and some treatment-nerdy reading, PK, resistance, virological outcomes etc etc, and I am priveliged to have got rat-arsed with the amazing Brazilian doc on the 2a and 2b trials.  I hope it works for you. 

Hope it don;t do a peanut allergy thing on you, cos it is truly, chemically and (so far) clinically speaking, amazing. 

I will post my analysis of the datasets tomorrow.

- matt "amazed" the newt



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