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Howdy All,

I don't know if you all got a chance to read this on the other forums, so I'm reposting it for your viewing pleasure! :) I think that night, the Frontline PBS report had everyone's attention.

I went to the doctor May 30th, and my numbers were not what I was hoping for. They weren't bad, but they weren't great. In good news, my liver, kidneys, blood sugars, cholesterol, etc. are all fine.

CD4: 359 (23%)
VL: 33,900

My doctor told me meds were up to me at this point. I'm right in the middle range, he said. He would start me on Sustiva/Truvada when I do go on meds. We're waiting a month to see how those numbers change before deciding. Should I wait longer?

I also saw my dietrician that day. She gave me some Acidophilus and Centrium Silver to take once a day. She and I discussed a better food plan for me, and laughed quite a bit. I think I needed that shortly after seeing my doctor.

I cried a few times that day. The numbers not being what I'd hoped kind of brought it home for me. This is a disease that I am going to have to live with for the rest of my life. It's not going away until the day I die. It was just a bit overwhelming.

Today, I saw my theurapist. I felt a lot better about everything after leaving today.

That's the update on me. Just sputterin' on along. :)


Matty the Damned:
Hi Molten,

I haven't had the chance to welcome you to the Forums yet. So, welcome! :D

Anyhoo -- I think your numbers are pretty good. Sure they're not the best, but considering that you have HIV they could be a lot worse. Maybe you should read the AIDSMEDS lessons on what your CD4 and VL test results mean for some more detailed information. You'll find the link in the upper left hand corner of the page.



I think that you should also read the lesson about Sustiva.... In addition to that, I would let a few more bloodworks go by to find a trend before you make the descision to go on meds...

Dancer and Prancer, (Sorry Matt, I couldn't resist  ;D )

I read the lessons on Viral Loads/TCell tests, and the information there is really helpful. I've also been reading a book I purchased shortly after being diagnosed titled The First Year - HIV by Brett Grodeck (ISBN: 1-56924-490-1). I read the information on Truvada and Sustiva as well.

All of this information is really helpful. Thanks!

You should definitely check with your doc about what to do next, but here is a question to ask him or some food for thought. You might be sad by the results you got but as has been said, you have only just got HIV and you are re-adjusting to it. During the first stages of HIV, there is an initial high round of replication that leads to lower CD4 cells and higher viral loads. Eventually this number comes down and the CD4 cells can recover a little. What you might want to think about is whether this measurement represents the resting level of HIV and CD4 counts or whether it represents a mid-point or point of decline of the virus after acute infection. It might impact your decision to take meds now. I would definitely talk to your doctor about it, but maybe ask them what they think of this idea.



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