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Jim Allen:
Glad to hear you are generally feeling well and if the meds are working the VL should have started to drop.

Keep us posted.


        ojo.         Hi there!…glad to hear your update, I’m sure you will be UD on your next labs…yes!, life goes on…take your med/s and a good attitude is all we need to get back to live a normal life only living with a new virus in our body which it’s not control by our immune system but, thankfully, it has now an ally (med), that does the job for our immune system, taking the virus under control…let’s know how about your next lab’s result…good luck

Hello again,

Got also my pending VL result after 1 month of treatment. Just 37!!  :) :) :)

Feeling great that the treatment is successful so far.. the non-medical part is still daunting from time to time..

All the best to all of you !

Jim Allen:
Congrats with getting the virus suppressed (UD) so quickly.


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