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Found i am poz 10 hours ago

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This is update of my case
I was offered medication today, the prescriped meds are truvada and tivicay
Luckily it is imported one, polish and german
I will start on meds and hope to be ud in 6 months

Jim Allen:
Truvada and Tivicay, it's a solid combination, I've been on that combo myself.
You should start to see your VL drop on your next labs/follow-up appointment.  :)

How are you doing/feeling?

Hi Jim
Actually i am starting to feel psychologically better, i am accepting the fact that i am living with a chronic disease, started to get along with it
All what i am looking for now is how my social life gonna be, but i am feeling optimistic
I already know that this combination of meds is extremely powerful
I hope that in my next pcr test i get good news and be UD
Anyway i am feeling good for now and sure i will keep on touch with people here
I got much motivation since i joined the poz society here, and i am grateful for the support  :)

Jim Allen:
Glad to hear you are feeling good & optimistic about things.  :)

Do keep in touch, we're here if you need us.

Sure thing i will always be here  :)


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