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Is there a light at the end of the tunnel?

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Great news :)

Be sure to eat when you take your meds, Genvoya requires food you know ;)



Hey wade   ;D
Iíve gained 30 pounds since starting Genvoya. Iím eating like a pig!


        ojo       hello lefty, you better keep going to p;ay basketball...i wish i could gain weight, i eat a lot and never gain weight, but if i don't eat, i lose weight very quickly...hugs my friend                                                                                 ojo


--- Quote from: LeftyBowler300 on December 04, 2017, 01:57:14 pm ---WHOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Got my most recent labs today.

Viral Load is officially <20 !!!!!!!
I was worried that my medicine wasn't working, but it's kicking butt!
To anyone reading this in the future and starting Genvoya: DO NOT TAKE IT WITH A MULTIVITAMIN.

My CD4's were only 56 (3%), but I'm the midst of a fun spar with a cold virus, so I knew my CD4's would be some big babies. My CD3's were also 300+ higher than last test, and my CD8's were 250+ higher (fightin dat cold)

My CBC was good. No surprises. A whopping 15 HGB (better than 11 at diagnosis  ;D), normal RBC, almost normal WBC, Globulin was 2 points higher than normal range, but whatever.

Time to go play basketball.

--- End quote ---

Nice! Nice! Nice!! Happy for you... Perserverance pays off!! Dust that basket ball and give it hell!

I guess Iíll give a quick update. Hey everyone. Itís been a while!

Been sick almost all of January with a nasty bug that caused bronchitis. But most of my friends caught the same bug and it was just as bad for them if not worse, so I guess my immune system kicked its ass just as good as anyone else  ;)

Didnít take any medicine for it besides an inhaler to help with wheezing and ate cough drops like candy. I guess my 56 CD4ís are Spartans.  ;D

Hope everyone else is handling the flu season well. *hugs*


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