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Is there a light at the end of the tunnel?

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Hey Harley

I've been eating probiotic yogurt and taking an additional 2 probiotic pills per day.
My stomach still rumbles and tumbles like there's a water slide in my colon, but what comes out seems a tad easier to handle. I do have a fiber supplement that I might start taking though, since you mentioned it. I hope I'm not OD'ing on probiotics

Hi Lefty,
I was in the hospital with PCP for 2 weeks in 95 so I know how shitty you feel.
The good news is your diarrhea will subside the same time as the PCP and you will feel tons better soon. The even better news is that the new meds are awesome and most have very little side affects if any.

You want to hear worse ... the original version of norvir was liquid and was refrigerated. It tasted like shit and to make matters worse it went through you like greased lightning.  Everyone carried spare underwear in those days  :)

Hope you feel better soon and start getting on with life as you once knew it.

Hugs, Wade

Hey Wade,

Thanks for the encouragement. I'm sure PCP was super scary back then. I'm glad medicine has evolved.
It's good to know there are people with AIDS diagnosis in 95 still doing well. Especially since I know you guys had to suffer a whole lot more than us youngins have to. Little
things like that give me hope and keep me from breaking down.

I feel a little better today. The past few days for breakfast I could barely finish 1 pop tart. Today I was able to stuff down a pop tart and a yogurt. Baby steps I guess.

Hey Lefty,

I remember eating a lot of peanut butter, it's full of protein and my gut tolerated it well

Hey guys,

Today seems a bit of a rough day for me mentally.

I got the picc line removed yesterday (histoplasmosis treatment), and I start Genvoya/Bactrim Monday. Either the Ceftin or Ambisome gave me a pretty bad hives breakout that itches like crazy. My IDS thinks it's from the Ceftin, but I'm wondering why it's still there a couple days after I discontinued it.

I've been paranoid and checking my body constantly for any new moles or lumps or rashes. I know my body is vulnerable right now and I'm scared to death for things like melanoma, lymphoma etc...

This still feels like a nightmare I've yet to wake up from. I've been prescribed Ativan for anxiety, but I haven't really taken it much. I feel like I can breakdown and start sobbing at any moment.


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