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Is there a light at the end of the tunnel?

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Hey there Lefty !

Good to hear from you, and sorry to hear you were sick.
The winter crud is everywhere, I went to my Drs appointment last week healthy and left with a nasty cold. I'm sure that's where I caught it, those places are full of sick people you know  ;D
Fool sitting next to me was sneezing and coughing all over me, wanted to hose his ass down with Lysol :o

Proof is in the pudding, your cd4s are kicking ass and glad you're feeling better ;)



Got my cd4 count test done a couple days ago. Itís at 73. I swear I have a case for being the slowest riser with a suppressed viral load... this is frustrating...


          ojo      Hello my friend...I'm sorry you are feeling frustrated, trust me, I know how you feel, it happened to me, although, you should feel blessed that your trearment is working, in my case, I had to wait twelve years to become UD. I guess, you are just like our good friend 2tcells, it took him a while to get a good increase of "soldiers", but I guess, it is more impotant to be UD, than to have a good number of soldiers, I also know, that, it would be better to have both, VL and CD4 levels with good numbers...hang in there my friend, good things come to those who wait, just see 2tcells, he didn't get good numbers but he, became a father...sending you a big frustating busting hug (not sure if that sentence  makes sense) on your will be fine, keep getting 300 games                                                               ojo

Hey LeftyBowler300 Good morning!

I was reading about your history and you battle with CD4.
For my experience, CD4 usually takes time to rise. I also had ups and downs...
I was very anxious about that my doctor haven't asked me for CD4 tests anymore. He told me as my VL is controlled, CD4 is going to rise slowly.
Stay strong. We all are going to win the battle against this Virus. I'm sure.

Hugs from Brazil. :)


No offense to OP, can you please remove me from this thread?


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