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scared to death

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I don't know where to begin.  I feel so overwhelmed and scared.  My t cells are at 25 and viral load is greater than 750000.  Doctor says I am too weak to begin hiv meds, on couple of antibiotics for now.  I am scared I am going to get very ill before we start meds.  I am so fatigued.  I know there are lots of good medicines.

welcome to the best place you can be for info now...I was in your exact situation when first diagnosed...I went through 3 weeks of intense antibiotic treatments in a hospital..until Dr felt the OI's ( opportunistic infections) had cleared sufficiently to start meds....
What you need right now is to calm down.....If you trust your DR. he/she will give you many opportunities to discuss what is happening and what to expect in each instance.     I have been with my Dr since 1994..still trust him.. I am as healthy as ever with cd=385   37% ...vl=< can be in the same situation with some patience
Once again found the right place to ask any question..and get the best info available.

Hello Mr red hed, just to say welcome, n sounds like yr in good hands and I second everything said above  :) - matt

Dear Mr. Redhead sir !!,

I know your scared, and I (we) understand how overwhelmig things can be right now. I was also started on Anti-biotics ( Bactrim and Zithromax) along with Valtrex and prednisone, back in 2003, probably a month or so, before starting on meds, in October of 2003. I also had a low t-cell count back then. It was 16, and the viral load was 500,000.

I understand the fatigue, I also went through some very severe fatigue, once I started on meds, the fatigue issues went away quite fast. The main thing, right now is to take those anti-biotics as prescribed, do not miss any doses of your medication, and drink PLENTY of water. If you have access to filtered water, this will probably be better for you.

And you are right , there are plenty of good medications available, that once you start them, will start to make you feel better soon. Try not to be scared. follow the directions of the anti-biotics you are currently on, try to eat well, and most importantly try to get some rest. Don't go overdoing anything for a little while. Things will get better ....

Take care of yourself/ keep in touch with us------Ray


Hi. Welcome. I'm glad you see the light - yup there are good meds out there and new ones come out every year. Just wanted to share some hope with you. I was very weak exactly 1 year ago, had only 42 CD4 cells, VL @ 100,000, was wasting from 158 lbs to 134 lbs and I thought I was gonna die for sure. There were times I was so weak i couldn't lift a fork/spoon. I had diarrea for 11 straiht days. I was planning to give all my money away to my brother and I was telling my sister how I wanted my funeral to look like. Well, a year later my recovery is pretty darn awesome so what I'm saying is keep hope alive. You can beat this thing


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