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Eric.... if you care to share a little more.... HOW'D it go?

Hay AC.... Well It was a long day thinking how I would approach the person who stumbled upon my open account.   I felt since he saw that, and If he saw that he could dig as deep as he wanted to and find all my threads since I travel by my name.  I originally always wanted to be out no matter what... "I dont keep secrets".   So thats why I go by my name, my picture etc.  So, I decided lets say he read all about me....   I have no secrets from him.  I told him about my diagnosis a year ago and it went very well...  Over the past two days now, I have worked with that associate and we have been working fine together....  I am sure one day, people will know I am HIV postive in my work place.  Aspen is just to small a town to keep any secrets.   And there lies that secret thing.  I want to be comfortable enought and hold my head up high and say "yes I am gay, and yes I am HIV" in the work place.   I have a unique position however... I have worked for one company for 18 years and the other for 5 years..  I have been well respected and everyone knows my relationship with William as he is highly respected in our community as well.   

I have a feeling my next step is to talk with HR a bit more and allow them to be more apart of my life... Given the fact I perform my duties very well, I just am in a interesting position.  But for right now,  I am done "coming out" for awhile....  Just want to breath a bit...

I am very happy this went this way.. I am very happy I have two very supportive bosses who know what me and Will are up against.  They are so much in my corner, I can sleep at night..   

I hope this fills you in abit AC..



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