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Antidepressants - everyone is doing it!

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--- Quote from: Iggy on July 10, 2007, 11:23:06 am ---I already wrote in another thread why I have passed up the opportunity to be placed on antidepressants as I feel I need to work through my issues without medication. I think that the medications are over prescribed and I blame both the pharmaceutical industry as well as a population that constantly looks for "cures" to everything.

On a related note however I must admit I am taken back to read that you work in mental health as based on your one thread entitled, "There are a lot of miserable people here" in relation to what you perceived as people being too dark and negative and you drawing a correlation between HIV and mental health issues. At the time I thought it was rather uneducated a view, but now with you stating your mental health background I really find it sort of shocking that that you would use such a choice of words to initiate a discussion on mental health and HIV.

While I agree with you on the anti depressant point, I do implore you to avoid labeling people as miserable (whether on this board or in your work) if someone is having issues with darkness. As someone who does battle it I can tell you that such labels are damaging to the overall discussion and the ability to help a person who faces such things.

--- End quote ---

Point taken. I shouldn't have used the word miserable.

I was just signing back on to modify my post too as I was gonna just answer your thread question directly and send you the other part in a pm as I really didn't want to repeat what happened in the last thread.

I do however greatly appreciate that you understand where I am coming from on this. 

I think there are two problems with mental health issues in this country and they are both tied together - We (in the U.S.) are loathe to actually deal with darkness unless it is via a mea culpa type of vomiting all that is bad in a sort of breakdown way - whether through a public spectacle akin to bearing our souls on a tv talk show or through sort of just losing control of ourselves and letting everything out all at once - unfortunately both aspects of this become a sort of spectackle vs. a therapeutic experience.

The second problem is what you have stated in this thread about the over prescription of medications....and in my mind that is because many people don't want to face the darkness and would rather soften it's call to them that they have to deal with it.  Unfortunately I think all that does is put off the above mentioned explosion until the issues that are being suppressed with medications just can't be hidden anymore.

This is why I find it important that on boards such as these that people be allowed to delve into the darkest feelings that they have as it is part of self examination that can help them get through it - that said I do recognize that it needs to be in conjunction of a professional therapist as otherwise a person can get stuck in a self perpetuating trap of darkness....which is what I think your original miserable thread was trying to say.

Again - my great appreaciation of your willingness to hear my Point of view on this.


There are a lot of different dynamics going on when depression is involved. Unfortunately many people don't get help until their lives are a complete mess. I see people in the emergency room who have overdosed on 100 Tylenol "to try to sleep" and still insist they don't have a problem with being depressed. Men especially are loath to admit they have any problems.

As far as overprescribed medications, in my experience antidepressants are not the problem, it's attention deficit medications with children and teenagers. I see so many kids who have behavioral problems and parents who don't want to take the time to learn how to manage the behavior. Many parents would rather think their is something biologically wrong with their child then admit they don't have good parenting skills. Many PCPs cave to parents demands because it is easier to write a prescription than telling the parent what they don't want to hear.


1. Very uncomfortable or unhappy; wretched.
2. Causing or accompanied by great discomfort or distress

I'm not looking to get into any grand argument about it, I'm just saying that I never did (and still don't) get what the big deal about that word is/was.  In a one-on-one therapy type environment perhaps, but in general usage?  If you say so.  I always just thought of it as another way of saying "unhappy".

I'm on Cymbalta and I needed it!
I do believe that many doctors now days are prescription happy. The other day I just read an article that said that prescription drugs now make up the majority of cases of drug abuse, not cocaine, marijuana...PILLS!!!
I also feel that many people are looking for the "fix" in a pill, weather it is for loosing weight, depression, etc....
There is a major difference between depression and just feeling blue.  It is normal to feel sad and pain and it is healthy to work through those issues on your own; however, "real depression" is a serious condition and it needs medical treatment.

(who was depressed for 10yrs of his life)


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