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Hot flashes!


Figured I would post this here since some of you may understand. For that last few days I have been getting horrible hot flashes. It reminds me of when I was on infertility meds.
I am not looking forward to menopause...

Oh honey!
  I get hotflashes all the time.  They're awful!  I've got an appointment with my doc next week and I will be discussing this with him.  He put me on a low dose estrogen, but didn't do any hormone tests and I definitely want these done!  I know I'm going through the change, and I just don't want to go insane in the meantime. :D  They're especially worse at night, while sleeping.  Last night it was like 37F here and I could only use a sheet to cover up with.  So I feel ya, girl.

If I could sleep with the windows open and it was like a meat locker, I may then be a little more comfortable. I HATE waking up sweating. Totally sucks and during the day I am walking around in shorts when it is 59F out. I must look crazy! If this keeps up after the baby is born I may talk about what I can do for this

Hi Mom,

I remember when I was pregnant with my daughter, I was ALWAY too warm. It was ok during the winter months as it was like having my own personal heating system, but it was hell during the last few weeks. She was born on April 30th and we had an unusually warm spring that year. I spent most of the last few weeks in nothing but a bra and knickers and my husband complained every morning about sleeping next to a blast furnace. ::)

Hang in there honey, not long to go now!


Ann yesterday I watched this woman who was probably about as pregnant as me walking around the parking lot in big circles with shorts and a sports bra. I sat in my air conditioned apartment on my couch and encouraged her on! No way I was walking out there in 85F heat!


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