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HIV and IUD's


just was wondering if anyone else uses an IUD for a form of birth control and if so - what kind of advice/opinions has your doctor given you regarding the combo?  i have not mentioned it to my doctor i just now thought of it but was wondering if there are any real issues with it?  is it safe, etc?  typically, with an IUD, i am more prone to getting STD's...but now being +, i'm not sure what the consequences are.

any help would be great...


Hi Belief,

I'm going to have a Mirena coil fitted soon. I'll be using it to control my heavy periods, but it is still basically an IUD. The difference is that it has a slow-release hormone (similar to the contraceptive implants they can put under the skin of your arm) in it - so it sorta does double duty.

I saw a specialist at the Liverpool Women's Hospital and she said that hiv positive women can use IUDs just the same as our negative sisters. You only have to fulfill the standard requirements, the same as anyone. (standard requirements being not having fibroids, for example)

The specialist I saw is the one who recommended the Mirena coil, but I'll be having it fitted here on the Rock - to save me traveling over to Liverpool.

LOL... I probably should explain - you're new here (welcome!) and wouldn't know that I live in the middle of the Irish Sea in a country called the Isle of Man. (I call it the Rock) I travel to Liverpool on the English mainland for my hiv care.

As for being more prone to STIs with the coil - condoms (which you'll need to use now regardless, unless you hook up with a positive guy) will prevent that happening. Of course there's always standard garden variety bacterial infections to think about, but as long as you stick to normal hygiene practices, it shouldn't be a problem.


I was wondering about that also. I think however I am going to do the depro vera shot first and see how my body handles that. I just want to make sure that I am completely covered on the baby making until I am ready again. Especially since I want to make sure that my viral load will be low. I talked with my id about this yesterday and he said the favorable thing to do would be to track ovulation for a few months and start the HAART that is safe for pregnancy to make sure that my labs were favorable for vaginal delivery etc.

Thanks Ann for the info...i also have a mirena iud (not sure if it's a coil?).  i've had it since september and i'm not sure if my body has adjusted to it yet...or if stress has caused my body to get out of whack...but, i've been getting my period every two weeks.  it's quite light, but something about it is not quite right.  i'm slightly concerned and should probably mention it to my doctor. 

i'm hoping i can keep the iud in place...just for the sake of ease - although i'm not having sex and am not planning to anytime soon.  plus, if i have to use a condom, regardless, i kind of feel like it's overkill - and maybe something my body doesn't need?

thanks again for your help!


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