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Is there any lady here who was pregnant while taking the coktail ?

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So are you from Israel as well in your origin?
Anyway , I am only at te begining of week 8, just started but you know , have already all these nighmares ... I got really disappointed when Momoftow 's reply stating she didn't gain not even one pound, I was hoping with the prenenacy to get this women's shape .. at list this , to get a bit hips you know, something, is there any hope it will happen ???

Yes I am.

I am so sorry I can't help with the lipo. I am not going to make any suggestions on this, because I am sure you tried many of them. Just send you strength, and I think it's wonderful you are pregnant.

I will be offline now for 5-6 days. See you next week & all the best.

I hava a question to momoftn, u say u are on week34 and diid not gain 1 pound, but i dont get it,,, your baby is being developed right ? so how exactly did he grow if you didn't gain weight ? My weight is approx 54 kg so do u mean i will stay this way untill end of pregnancy? this is horrible... i can not even imagine that...


She is measuring in weight and body size three weeks ahead. Your body will suffer not the babies usually. I finally did gain a pound this appointment today but so far I should have gained at least 15. I have had numerous ultrasounds and she is doing very well with no signs of any problems.
With my last pregnancy I only gained 8 pounds so it may just be the way my body responds. However I have had a decreased appetite on the cocktail along with persistent diahrea.

Hi , I was hoping that pregnancy will be able to help me gain some weight in the right area, did your pelvis became wider ? I hope mine will... I suffer a lot from the lipo and i am so afreid for how will if effect on my body....


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