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Is there any lady here who was pregnant while taking the coktail ?

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Panda I am very sorry! I have been through that ultrasound of no heartbeat five times and each time was devastating!

5 times ?? god !! but was it 5 time i a row ? Now you are pregnent , is this your first pregnancy in general and is it your first pregnency with the drugs you are taking ,,, the 5 time there were no pulse ... were for the same pregnancy ? Is this mean I should expect to fail some more pregnents ? I can't take it ! What did your dr. say ? Thos they say its got anything to do with the drugs or with the hiv in general? my dr, says its got nothing to do with this ,,, What drugs are you taking currently during pregnancy, do u have any idea if kaletra+videx and viread can cause this abortion? When we furst thinking of getting pregnent i was still with stockrin and been adv its nit safety, i refused to switch it to kaletra cause of the lipo so i was given the viramune - but unfortunately , the viramune caused for Steven Jhonson symptom , and i almost passed away, so i had no other choice but going back to the kaletra with the viread and videx ...

It was five times over four years. At the time I was dealing with an infertility specialist and the meds for infertility were getting me pregnant I just had a problem carrying past 10 weeks.
I have a beautiful two year old son though and I was not HIV pos. for that pregnancy. I did not learn I was HIV pos until this pregnancy. I started taking combivir and viracept around December however throughout my pregancy my viral load was under 5500 and in fact I actually started meds with a viral load of 664 and CD 4 count around 500.
With HIV if you are serious about getting pregant I would advise that you see an infertility specialist to get their take on what you should do. I say this because with your medicine and viral loads you may want to see if there is a better time so that you can wean from meds first and get pregnant quickly through a medical boosted cycle with chlomid etc. Remember that it takes time for your body to heal from a termination and you should wait at least three months with one charted cycle before you think of starting again.
Keep in mind that there may be absolutely nothing wrong with your fertility. There is a pretty high percentage of pregnancies that end in the first 12 weeks. My mom had two miscarriages and five children so that may give you an idea.
As for meds my dr. will only work with the meds that I am on during pregnancy and really does not like to do them until the second trimester. Not really sure that your meds would have caused this.

hi. thamks for your ling reply. so , first, i can  not stop with the meds on the first trimester since when i started meds i had over a million viiroload and o !!! cd4. so there is a a very high possibiity that if i'll quit i will develope a resistance etc ... i must continue with the meds. I am under infirtility specialist treatment, he was so happy , not for loong time. i gave a visit yesterday to my hiv+ dr. i cried a lot and he checked again and again and promised me there is not connection to the drugs ... he promised me it will be ok ...


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