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Is there any lady here who was pregnant while taking the coktail ?

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Cause I am very scare .. I am taking the coktail regulary for many years and just got pregnant , my dr. match me drugs which wont duppose to harm me or my baby during pregnancy so I am currently on videx250 + kaletra and viread but still.. you know... how can I know for sure these druge wont harm my baby, I am going crazy from all these thoughts...


I recall reading a new study, and it followed 200 hiv poz women all on haart and all gave birth normally and none gave the virus to baby and they did not mention any damage to the baby from haart

thanks , i will try search for this study ... i guess while I am undetactable for long time and cd4 over 800 i should not be that worried ...

I am currently 34 weeks pregnant and taking the cocktail. I have had some problems with side effects and I have not gained a pound yet which they contribute to the cocktail. I have a great system in MN of a nurse that visits my house once a month and great id that deals with pregnancy too.

I can just say that in my hospital in the netherlands there have been 6 births by HIV+ moms in 2006 and the cocktail didn't harm any of the babies. I think you are very very brave and I want to follow that route myself. Doctors in Israel are very thorough and strict when it comes to babies & birth (many of the routine checks in Israel are not performed in Europe) and I believe that they would not take chances.

Dash me-holland. Tishlechi li PM im at tzricha mashu  ;)


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