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Happy Holidays

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Jim Allen:

--- Quote from: leatherman on December 29, 2022, 08:43:13 pm ---Our family event went well - my youngest brother and his wife never showed. Oh, they called (an hour later) to explain how their power had been out (high winds were causing issues in the area) and how they were sick and couldn't attend. Interestingly, although I have un-friended them on FB, I went to look (stalk?) and saw their party the following day with all their children and family on the sister-in-law's side there. Either that was a spreader event or someone wasn't as sick as they claimed. Oh well.

--- End quote ---

Sorry to hear about your brothers choices

--- Quote ---We ended up with pizza and beer on Christmas Eve because nearly every restaurant in town was closed, so no Mexican and Margaritas as our tradition. Christmas Day was a blast. I got very drunk, ate way too much, and opened a lot of crazy gifts from my friends.

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Sounds like good fun

--- Quote ---New years eve we're heading out for those Margaritas and then back home. I'd love to go out dancing but driving an hour home from Charlotte after midnight drunk sounds like no fun. So we'll end up home where I'll dance around in the kitchen (Larry's used to it by now) and try to get the dogs to believe the fireworks going off in the neighborhood won't hurt them.

Can you believe it's about to be 2023?! I remember when Prince was singing about 1999 coming in 17 years. Then Y2K was going to destroy the world. LOL yet the world turns and turns and turns.

--- End quote ---

2023..  it feels like riding my motorcycle and breaking my collarbone was only yesterday in 99.

--- Quote ---are you back home yet, Jim, or still gallivanting around Europe? ;D

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Yeah, I'm back in Ireland on time for new years. The Netherlands was freezing cold but I got my parents moved into the new house and my father only got electrocuted once when he and I got the new house ready.

Berlin was great fun and I also spent a few days in Mirow (country side) with Antje's extended family. Although I think I drank the towns beer supply  ;D

Jim Allen:
Currently making "Oliebollen" for new years eve and will post pictures later


--- Quote from: Jim Allen on December 31, 2022, 04:48:52 pm ---Oliebollen

--- End quote ---
omg. google images make those look better than my stupid cookies.

we're back from Mexican and Margaritas (again. LOL I LOVE the holidays!) and I'm debating whether to pop some bubbly or not. it depends on if Larry and I can stay up until midnight. LOL Really trying to stay up late is hard, not because we're old but because we normally get up at 430am so Larry can get to work. we usually go to bed at 9pm, and while Larry is asleep within 15 mins, I read until 1030 before I finally crash for the night.

Happy New Year and as always thanks for the work you do here! You are amazing!

Happy new year! The only thing I did was eat some meat pie and baklava till 10,after that my parents went to work (because of course). But all in all I saw a lot of "fake happy" celebrations and I am glad my parents were actually happy.
Also I did a horror movie marathon...
How was your celebration guys?


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