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HIV positiv since 21 days.

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I don't know where to start but I'll try to keep it as short as possible.

The last sexual contact I had was between 5-8 May 22. 
The HIV test on 24 May was negative.Two days later it started with severe fever and rash. I thought I had measles because the HIV test was negative. The fever got worse and I also got night sweats. Since it did not get better I went to the hospital and did another HIV test which was positive. It was a shock but I tried to stay calm because I had at that moment no health insurance.

A few days later I got my results.
Vl: 597000
CD4: 201

Is it normal that the CD4 drops so much during an acute infection?
Am I maybe a rapid progressor?

Since June 15 I have been taking Biktarvy. I still have a slight fever and night sweats. The doctor just told me to take the pills and to come back after 1 month.
I am feeling tired and exhausted. I hope it is not the side effect of Biktarvy.

Jim Allen:

Sorry to hear about the diagnosis and that you were feeling unwell. Glad to hear that you started treatment, and hopefully, you feel better soon.

If the test results reported are correct, then you acquired HIV within the last few months, so I would say these initial results before treatment seem to be just the settling point. No point worrying about it, as you have started treatment now.

--- Quote ---I am feeling tired and exhausted.
--- End quote ---

It can happen for many reasons: other infections, settling into treatment, immune system recovery, psychological, etc. If things worsen, don't wait a month and see your doctor sooner.

Hi Allen,

I have spoken with my doctor and he confirmed that for an acute infection (6 weeks ago) the CD4 is indeed low. He told me it could be due to another infection. I try to stay cool. We are not on this earth to live forever. It is quite normal.

How long did it take you to accept your infection?
Don't you think that this negative image of HIV is due to the media (gay disease etc..) in the 80-90s. It's just a virus. It is nothing special in my opinion. Sure we can die from but we can die also from millions of other things.

Jim Allen:

--- Quote ---Don't you think that this negative image of HIV is due to the media (gay disease etc..) in the 80-90s.
--- End quote ---

No. I think, if in some alternate universe initially HIV had only been found in straight white people during the 80s, the stigma towards those living with HIV would be far less today if not nearly gone by now.

But that did not happen and society already had a fear & hatred of the LGBT+ community. HIV initially impacted mainly that community and those individuals that were (are) hated and considered undesirable by society. The media certainly fueled this negative image and fearmongering but they are not the cause.

I would like to say it is not an issue today but it still is although at a different level.

Jim Allen:
Had to edit that reply. just finished my first cup of coffee.


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