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Glad I went to the hospital


 My stomach was cramping and I had bloody stool. At first I was worried, then I thought it was red stool from the spaghetti I ate the night before. I guess I was not ready to admit something was not right.
 I finally went to the emergency room. The nurse asked if I had hemorrhoids. I told her that I did not know. I donít normally have restroom issues.
 After checking in, my vitals where taken, blood drawn, and gave a urine sample. I waited for about three hours in the waiting room. During that time the doctor came out to tell me how my blood work came back and they need to start an Iv and do a cat scan.
 After I had that done, along with some painful needle pokes, another doctor came in and said my colon was infected and inflamed, in other words I have colitis. Fortunately there are no ulcers.
 What all this means is I am on a bland diet for now. Then I need to Live a healthy lifestyle after that bland diet.
 So today I start with going for a walk.


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