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Aging with HIV and Menopause


Hi Ladies,

I have been positive since I was 18. Now I am 47. Yep, i am an oldtimer...

I have lived fairly healthy with HIV for more than I lived without it.

Now I find as an older woman I am facing new challenges with menopause.

Its not enough that I have fat distribution issues, aka Lipodystrophy and Lipoatrophy.

I think that women in general are wholly underrepresented in HIV studies and information.

SO, I am looking to my female peers to see what, if anything has helped you with aging, menopause and life in general.

Thanks, and Be Well

Well I am behind you 2 years and just got my period today no menopause yet - although i wish! I have only been poz 2 years. I would love to hear more of your story and dating is not easy. I live in a very close minded small community and literally only a handful of people know...mostly family. 

Right now, the best I can do is eat healthy and exercise. Wine is my go-to though...which i should prob cut back on. 

Nice to meet you Sologirl.

I contracted HIV around 1993. The only complications have been early arthritis and night sweats. I'm just guessing that those things are related to the virus. My hormone levels are in check. It seemed like I started getting arthritis earlier than most people. No one else in my family got arthritis at 30. As a teenager, I did aerobics, dance, and swim, but nothing crazy that would have caused arthritis at such a young age. Therefore, I have to assume it's because of HIV. I shouldn't complain. I can still work and have never gotten sick.

Iím 60 was infected at 26.  Iím officially past menopause and have osteoporosis, chronic pain, arthritis, neuropathy is getting worse . I was told most of it from being positive so long but who knows. Cbd gummies is what I use for insomnia (since menopause) and anxiety .

 Iíve been positive since Ď95. Im going to be 45 in a couple months. I still get my period regularly. I dislike having my period due to how heavy and long it goes on for.
 I do and do not want my period. I want it because I hear complaints about menopause. I donít want it because itís just a pain.


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