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2 days after I was tested positive

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Back in April I found myself having unprotected sex for the first time in my life (I'm 29 now). I freaked out and waited 3 months like I was told by friends before I got tested, and it came back positive. I was told by the doctor (an urologist? I'm not sure that's even a word in English to be honest) that coordinated the test. He told me the grand news over the phone 2 days ago... just like that. His call didn't even last 3 minutes, if you can believe that. Now I know his attitude was extremely unprofessional (and heartless, at least). In fact, I had left messages in his office and cell phone since then, asking him to call me back, but he never replied… discrimination happened to me at the very first minute I knew I was positive.

I have already taken the confirming test (blot something exam? Not sure), but the results are not back yet.

Two close friends know about it, and have been checking on me all day long. One of the two happened to know a doctor who apparently is the cream-of-the-crop hiv specialist there is Brazil. But he is in Africa right now working on a related the issue.

My therapist talked me into going to this government sponsored clinic, which I found out is a reference place for hiv treatment in Brazil. They are that good. And this place is 2 blocks away from my apartment, luckily.

I cannot even describe how good it felt to go there. I hadn’t slept or eaten for 2 days… but when I was there I thought it would be perfect to crash in that office space somehow…. I felt so safe, and at ease, around that staff. I didn’t want to leave!

My question is: what do I need to know about the drugs to take? I have a close friend in NYC who has been poz a year now. One of his medicines has to be kept refrigerated, I don’t want that. I don’t even know if I need to go into meds right now, but information is never enough I guess. Basically, I just wanted to know what I should be aware of before going into a treatment with meds, if it comes down to it.

Anyway, all comments and help are appreciated!

Thank you much,


Pedro... I am so sorry to here about your status.. But, here you are.  You are in good company..  I tested positive 1 year ago like your friend in NYC.  I think your first priority to to make decisions on what doctor you feel most comfortable with and then start the process of finding out how you are in the scheme of HIV..   You will need to get your blood work done and then and only then do you move on to the next steps if they are even warrented at this time.   I don't think you need to worry about the meds idea for the moment...   In the meantime educate yourself as much as you can.  This site has great tools in the lessons tab and will help you understand whats going on in your body, your mind and even by reading threads here, your spirit.   

Hang on,  stay close and keep posting...  Your going to get hit with a bunch of welcomes here pretty dam quick...


Hey Pedro,

I am sorry 2 hear about your diagnosis, having just gone thru it myself this past June I understand the craziness that U feel right now.  Something that people told me that really helps is when U start feeling those nerves TAKE A DEEP BREATH.  

Also if U are looking 4 information read the lessons posted at the top.  All of this can be very overwhelming but it does get better.  Don't feel the need 2 learn everything all at once.  I know 4 me although I wanted 2 take in as much as I could as fast as I could I found myself reading about and learning about things that have nothing 2 do with what I am going thru right now (i.e. meds, side effects and so on)  All that did 4 me was get me more stressed out.
All things in due time my friend right now just be good 2 yourself and TAKE A DEEP BREATH

I am happy 2 hear that U have someplace close by that seems 2 know what they are doing and where U are comfortable.  Hopefully they will be able 2 get U intouch with a good, kind, and compassionate Doctor who knows what he or she is doing.

Your gonna meet some really great people here and a lot of them have an amazing amount of knowledge about hiv and they are more then willing 2 share.  Take advantage!!!!!!
If u have questions don't be afraid 2 ask.  

Again TAKE A DEEP BREATH it's going 2 be OK
Take care of yourself



I'm sorry to hear about your diagnosis.  As Jason said...take a deep breath.  It's going to be OK.

If you were infected in April you're probably not going to have to worry about meds for a little while.  It varies for everyone, but I would imagine you've got some time.  There's alot of different meds.  You may not end up taking what your friend takes.  You may not need meds for years and will end up taking something that doesn't even exist now!!  Focus first on YOU and making sure you're okay.  I imagine they've already drawn blood for lab tests.  This will be the first thing to look at aside from your own mental health.

And yes, urologist is also an english word. :)

I wish you well.

much love,

Hello, welcome

You can download an introduction to HIV treatment in Portuguese (PDF format) here.  But no rush probably, this is something for the future.

- matt


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