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Rant - Schools & sexism in Ireland.


Jim Allen:
Thursday, I told my daughter's school she would be staying home Thursday + Friday due to covid concerns.

This morning, the school called my ex-wife, claiming they didn't know my daughter was out as they didn't hear it from my ex-wife and needed to check if all is ok.  :o :o :o >:( >:( >:(

I Experienced similar issues before. One school my kids attended once claimed it was policy only to communicate with mothers. When I questioned this, they changed the story and said due to system limitations, they only "deal" (communicate) with one parent. - Bullshit!

There are plenty of examples from various schools attended by both my kids over the years here in Ireland. These barriers, intentional sexism or not, keep men from being fully involved in some aspects of their kids' lives, furthering a prejudice that men are the unavailable parent.

Oh, and the answer is not changing schools. We did that a few times and still experience similar issues.

The problem if you ask me:

1) The system for years as a whole has been neglected.
2) Lack of male teachers
3) Culture within schools
4) Lack of accountability.

Some of the things female teachers have said to me or the kids over the years are beyond belief. If I repeated some of it within a cooperate work environment, I would be fired and correctly so.

Parents are blamed when kids grow up into sexists or for the levels of misogyny & misandry that exist in our society. I would say schools and the teachers upholding outdated attitudes have to take some of the blame.


P.S As a bonus, I have an ex questioning me, of course. I showed the phone records to prove I contacted the school to end any shit before it becomes something bigger.

I have the experience of a coworker slapping my backside. And no one cared. So I quit the job. This coworker bragged about attending catholic school.
Maybe if teachers werenít allowed to push their personal opinions people would be better people.
One of my daughters teachers used to have free talk. She would bring up topics and no one could get in trouble even for swearing. This was in Montana. A mostly Caucasian city. One child use the n word. Then the teacher said itís a sin to touch oneself.
I removed my daughter from school and paid for her to take online courses. At the time Montana didnít offer free online education like others states.


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