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Iím going through a lot Ö


 My Mom has been in the hospital for two weeks. There is so many things happening to her right now. My sister is going over her personal papers to check on what to do.
 My siblings also have no where to go. So I told them to come stay with me if my Mom passes.
 So tonight Iím here in bed rethinking on all this information. Iím not changing my mind on my siblings staying with me. Itís just that Iíve been independent for years. They on the other hand need the help. Plus my sister has a toddler.
 I canít imagine what a change this will be for them.
 Fortunately my husband is supportive in all this. My daughter is anxious to help as well.
 I guess Iím a little scared.

Jim Allen:
Sorry to hear that your mom is in the hospital. Hope things get better.

My Mom was intubated this morning. She is confused and tired. Iím a state away. My sister is taking care of my Momís decisions. So far she is doing good.
I also have a job interview tomorrow.


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