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Just a heads-up on this report from Newsweek..
--- Quote ---Counterfeit HIV Medications Hit U.S. Pharmacies, Drug Manufacturer Warns

Gilead Sciences, the manufacturer of multiple pharmaceuticals, including HIV medications Biktarvy and Descovy, has issued a warning that it has become aware of counterfeit versions of these drugs being sold in United States pharmacies.

Distributors not authorized to sell Gilead-branded medicines have sold the fake versions to pharmacies, the manufacturer said in a statement. Some genuine Gilead bottles have been tampered with using a counterfeit foil induction seal or label and contain fake tablets, even though the bottles appear genuine.

"We are taking aggressive action to ensure that healthcare providers and people who rely on our medicines can confidently distinguish authentic Gilead products from counterfeit drugs," said Merdad Parsey, MD, PhD, Chief Medical Officer, Gilead Sciences. "The safety of individuals taking Gilead medication is always our first priority."

Both medicines are used to treat people living with HIV. Descovy can also function as pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) to prevent HIV-negative people from contracting the virus if they come in contact with it...

--- End quote ---

Jim Allen:

In short:

--- Quote ---Counterfeit versions of HIV meds—mostly of Biktarvy and Descovy—worth over $250 million were sold in the United States during the past two years, alleges Gilead Sciences, which manufactures the drugs and has sued the illegal distributors.

Biktarvy and Descovy are used as HIV treatment; Descovy may also be prescribed as pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) to prevent HIV.

The fake and tampered versions were sold at pharmacies, endangering patients. However, according to Gilead Sciences, the illegal network of distributors has been shut down as a result of its investigations and litigation.

How can you tell whether tablets and bottles of Descovy and Biktarvy are authentic? In its press statement last summer, Gilead offered the following tips:

Authentic Biktarvy tablets (pictured below) are purplish-brown, capsule-shaped pills with “9883” embossed on one side and “GSI” on the other.

Authentic Descovy tablets are rectangular-shaped blue pills with “225” embossed on one side and “GSI” on the other.

The FDA requires that Biktarvy and Descovy be dispensed in original packaging. Confirm that your dispensed 30-count of Biktarvy or Descovy is packaged in white plastic bottles with white plastic caps and Gilead-branded labels.

Confirm that your Biktarvy and Descovy were dispensed from a pharmacy that sources Gilead medicine directly from Gilead authorized distributors. A list of Gilead’s authorized distributors can be found here.
--- End quote ---

Thanks for sharing..

Back in August I shared on the forums about these fakes..

Jim Allen:
Thanks, I've now merged the threads.

Jim Allen:
UPDATE: Justice Department Probes Network That Allegedly Sold Fake HIV Meds


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