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Scottish man age 25 dying from AIDS-related illness

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Jim Allen:
Tragic to read this, glad the story was shared to highlight the issue of late testing. It is sad to say that it's not a unique situation. Far better availability, preferably free of charge and more routine HIV/STI screenings are certainly needed.

Full story:

In Short:

--- Quote ---Ross Scott of Kirkcaldy, who is just 25, is being treated in a hospice for AIDS (acquired immune deficiency syndrome) having not known for years he had been infected with HIV (human immunodeficiency virus).

Nathan Sparling, chief executive of HIV Scotland, said Ross’s case was “quite unique” because most people with HIV manage to live long-term with the disease thanks to drugs which prevent the virus from replicating in the body.

However, he said without prompt diagnosis, treatment did not always work.
--- End quote ---

This is so sad to read. Really struck a cord with me, as this could have happened to me. I was late, very late with PCP etc.
Just sheer luck for me that a doctor suggested a hiv test and was treated quickly. I’d been sick for years before and like this guy, fobbed off constantly with different illness.

Jim Allen:

Ross Scott has passed away - RIP.

This is sad to hear . I dont know why its happening kind of unfortunate things. Specially living in a better country,  better care and access, with family support, its a such unfortunate not to diagnose at early stage.RIP , he is not in pain anymore.

Jim Allen:
People don't test regularly and there is a lack of access to services.


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