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Title: perspective and apology
Post by: em on October 19, 2020, 11:03:36 pm
I am sorry for the trash I through out here and the reaction may have been justified for the stuff I wrote . My bad does not come close to repaying the frustration and anger I seemed to have generated  here .  this is my fault for being the jerk that I am .  frustration and the bad habit of dwelling on the stupid stuff and wanting somebody to hear me out .  my apologies for venting to you here . I got lost in the vast emptiness that is my own private emotional turmoil and should not have shared my special brand of crazy . I should  maybe find a HIV long term survivors group on face book for support group type dialog ?    that should work ?

HIV and those of us who lived through the dark ages of HIV  might as well have lived in the dark ages of old .   history is history unless you lived through it you can not know what it was .

for me being ten years old or so when the conflict in Vietnam ended . I did not really know what it was and WWII the stories the older guys told of the the events where just stories to me from a time gone by past events .   

some day in the not to far off future HIV and Covid  will be a bad memory of the olden days for a new generation .  to know nothing about .   but that is life .
current events became past events . the conflict in the desert Iraq and Afghanistan.  will some day be history but for some youngsters growing up right now  these thing are there lives right now. 

the stories of our time ? what will we tell those yet to be born who grow up in this world of the lives we have lived ?     

this question is worth a ponder or two ?   maybe  some input of internet time capsule written to the future?   I think I will see what I can find on face book  sorry to bother you good night . all the best to you > EM 

A life lived from the middle of one century as is grows into the next century .  the experiences of life .    the life I never thought of as a child as unfolded before me . a set of hole new challenges has begun with the passage of time .      pleasant thoughts and hope filled dreams .   good night  > EM
Title: Re: perspective and apology
Post by: Snowangel on October 25, 2020, 06:49:57 pm
Hi Em!

Remember me?  I don't know what happened but I hope you are feeling better.  I have been all over myself lately, maybe it's a long time survivor thing.

I am on FB if you want to chat ever.

Take care!
Title: Re: perspective and apology
Post by: em on November 16, 2020, 11:39:07 pm
on face book under the name snow angel ?