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Title: PTSD
Post by: OzPaul on May 06, 2021, 12:17:04 pm
Hi Everyone,

Itís been quite a long time since Iíve posted. Iím wondering if  any other us Long Term Survivors, have been dealing with PTSD? Iíve starting suffering with this a few years ago, and am now about to embark on Cognitive Processing Therapy, to find a way to better cope with late onset PTSD.

Iíve been dealing with HIV, since the bad old days (early 80ís) and the difficulties of been given, what was then, a death sentence. Even though Iíve been quite blessed to be an LTNP/EC for 40 years now, the fear, anxiety and stress of being poz, haunts me still, as i i imagine is true for other LTS.

Iíd appreciate any info you can share about CPT for PTSD.

Thanks so much for your feedback. I hope to learn from other LTS with PTSD any beneficial ways of coping with the distressing diagnosis of PTSD

Kind regards,
Title: Re: PTSD
Post by: aztecan on July 19, 2021, 01:20:53 am
It has been a while, for both of us.
I was beginning to think I was the only one having issues about living long-term with this bug.
I still wait for the other shoe to fall, even though I've been undetectable for 25 years.
It is tough trying to talk to anyone about it because now, HIV is a "manageable disease." They don't even use the term AIDS any longer.
I feel rather like a relic that doesn't really fit or belong anywhere.
I don't have any real answers, but wanted to touch base.