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Title: A tribute to Ronald A. Peters,...
Post by: J.R.E. on April 26, 2014, 05:16:14 pm

On Thursday April 24th, 2014 , The Proshop Pub, In Clearwater, Florida, participated in the "Dine out for Life". For those unaware, This event is held nationwide, and local businesses, who participate, donate a percentage of their revenue that day, to help those men, Women, and Children, living with HIV/AIDS.

  We had a good day on Thursday, did a lot of reminiscing.  Most of us at the Proshop that afternoon , have known each other, for close to 34 years, so those of us, that survived through the 80's and 90's, have a lot in common. We all had to deal with the sorrow and pain, of losing, so many of our friends. And some of us had to deal with our own HIV at the time.  We went through  difficult years, with many of our friends back then long since passed on., and some of us wondering how we ever survived.

   One of our friends at the bar on Thursday, ( Bob)  handed Ed and I  a letter,  that was given to him in 1992. Ed and I both read it, and I asked him if it was alright to place this letter on our Memorial page.

He said of course, he would appreciate that.  He mentioned that at one time, there was talk, of getting some of our local gay magazines to print the letter, But as far as I know, that never happened.

   This letter is a beautiful tribute, to " Ronald A. Peters", of Clearwater., Florida, who was born in 1957, and passed on in 1992.

    It was written by his lover, Robert L. Catlow.  Although we were only casual acquaintances, Ed and I remember Ron very well.  He was part of the afternoon and evening crowd back then, in a period of time that was so difficult for many of us.

   He played Softball, for the Proshop Pub, and I can still remember on Saturday's, or Sunday's Ron along with the other team players, with their softball uniforms on.  I can still remember him and the team, walking into the bar, after a game,.. And if they won, you can bet there was always a celebration !

 And If they didn't win, It didn't matter, there was always a party ! Many of those, that played on the team with Ron have also since passed on.

So yesterday I scanned the letter for our friend Bob, so that I can place this tribute to Ron, here on the site. I sent the letter to photo-bucket, And I am not sure if it will work, but I will try to post it here.  If it doesn't, I will have to type it out.

The panel for the Aids quilt, that was created for Ron Peters can be viewed here:


The following is the two page letter, written by Robert L. Catlow. Ron, is sadly missed by many, but not forgotten.





Title: Re: A tribute to Ronald A. Peters,...
Post by: ImisstheOldTimes on May 07, 2014, 01:41:34 pm
Wow! that was beautiful, I even felt a little moisture building in my eyes. And that pressure you get in your chest, when something truly touches you...

thanks for sharing.