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one of the interesting tidbits in this suite is the la county statistics. biggest component of the pwa population here is 40-49. that age group jumped 9% in the number of relative new hiv infections before/after july 2002. forty-plus positiv guys are sexually active and apparently not talking. just inserting.

haven't brought it up in la yet.


synchronicitations: sohrabís suite (330)

    330.01 phone call from sohrab, the tailor / suite sheet
    330.02 social blood test results: la county hiv/aids statistics
    330.03 personal blood test results: the search for blood test guides
    330.04 later that same night: the swiki speaks about the dayís lookups
    330.05 then (i donít know how) the swiki directed me to this: visual aids at the body / blogsite
    330.06 which somehow led to this, another project, the awo timeline & lookup collection
    330.07 sing a song
forgot direct link to this one, too.

synchronicitations: sohrabís suite (330)



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