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Quit PEP early



I had an exposure that, in retrospect, was somewhat low. I was put on PEP around 45 hours post-exposure. I took the regimen for a few weeks, but by day 19 I decided my risk was low enough I could stop.

There seems to be debate on if testing shortly after PEP is accurate.

I stopped PEP at 19 days then got the rapid 4th generation Duo a week later. Is this a decent indication of the results I will get when I re-test? I am wondering if stopping a week early would give today's results more weight.

Jim Allen:
There is no qualified debate and you should not be posting here.  >:(

What you posted was a minute HIV risk that did not even warrant PEP to start with let alone testing or any drama and now you are posting in forums for people living with HIV.

Aware that it's free for all on other platforms but here there are standards and rules.

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