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Coming up on 2 years


Hey I just wanted to update since I'm not on here alot.
I found out  August 2019 and went into 2020 with this knowledge and the depression and lack of so much. I still have alot of mental and emotional hurdles to just over...  but to have made it this far from wanting to run my car under a  Semi truck. Being a loner made it that much more intense. But I'm happy to be alive and still finding myself and ways  to get back to enjoying life. I've recently have been feeling down with this 2 year mark coming up. Just a flood of memories and thoughts... but this too shall pass and I keep my head up and navigate  this life. I just don't want anyone to get discouraged or let the dark thoughts get to you. Life won't stop we still have things to do and things we want so I hope everyone is encourages to live more say more and do more even if it's just a little bit everyday.

Jim Allen:
I'm sorry to hear that you have been through so much pain, glad to hear you are finding ways to enjoy life.

Life is seldom all rainbows and sunshine, and I hope you have support for the darker days and that your healthcare provider is also aware of your feelings and being supportive.

Anyhow, thanks for the update, keep us posted more often if you wish and if you ever just need to talk, please don't be a stranger, let me know.

Thank you I appreciate this place and the people. I'll try my best to keep updates. I just went to the vamps last week and I go in to my IDD Tuesday I looked at my results and my numbers are still good except for processed sugars lol I can't stay away as a baker lol.

Jim Allen:
Glad to hear the numbers are good  :)


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