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Started a new job!

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Jim Allen:
So finally did it, left my old job and started a new one this week.

Not sure if it's going to work out but after 10 years in the old job I needed to try something new. It's strange and unnerving being in a new company and knowing nothing but I'm sure that will pass.

Hope everyone else is doing okay?


Good Luck Jim,..with the new job !! Nothing wrong, with trying something new. throughout my adult working career, until I retired in 2013, I made probably 3 major job changes, and total changes, in what I was doing. I never had any regrets. Each time I made a change, it worked out very well for me.



Congratulations on your new job! Hope they have a barista that makes fresh espresso like they do at my brothers company lol. Hope everything goes well,the starting anxiety is always there when it's your first day,but I'm sure you'll get over it.
I'm starting work in 2 days as well,there's gonna be a lot of tourists coming from the UK and Ireland soon,but I'm so bummed because I was thinking of going for a mini vacation haha.

Good luck Jim...I'm sure you'll find your feet in no time!

Delby  :)

Changing jobs can be scary.  At the same time... imagine what awaits!!!
Enjoy the new job and congrats!!!


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