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Surgery about to happen...

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Over a year ago, I posted here, that I thought I might have Covid toes:

3 times I have been to the dermatologist, and was given SILVADENE, CALCIPOTRIENE CREAM AND FLOROURCIL. This should have been removed well over a year ago. Dermatology  basically ignored it.  >:(

The small lesion on my left foot, second toe, never went away.

Long story short,.... I went to my primary care about a week and a half ago, And showed the toe to him.

He immediately made me an appointment with a podiatrist. They biopsied it immediately , and sure enough it was basal cell carcinoma.

I met with the Podiatrist/ Surgeon again 2 days ago, and everything is set up to go. After I spoke with him they immediately set me up with labs, chest xray, and EKG. All were completed, within an hour after talking to the surgeon.

MY surgery date is July 14th, and I will be put under for this, and will be done in the surgical room at 6:00 am. I also have to get a COVID test on July 12th (within 48 hours) of surgery. Even though I already had the vaccine, its policy to get a covid test prior to surgery. I will have to do the same thing again, later in the year, when I get my colonoscopy.

They will be taking an area from my thigh, to graft onto the area of my small toe. The toe will not have to be removed. But they will be performing a sort of MOES on my toe, basically slicing a little at a time, and sending it to the lab, until they determine, that no more Basal cell can be detected.

The area on my toe, is still just slightly larger than a pencil eraser, it is not sore.

I was told, that I will have to wear a boot for a while, and my follow up after surgery, is in July 20th. Hopefully the skin graft they use from my thigh will take hold, and I will have no issues.

He did say my toe may look a slightly deformed, but I can live with that. The surgeon also told me he very rarely ever sees a Basal cell on the toe.  There's just not a lot of flesh to work with on my bony, chickit looking toe.  :P 

I am angry at dermatology, and will not be playing games with them anymore. Of all the years in the VA healthcare system, this is really my first major complaint.

Otherwise,... All is going well !!  :)

Hope everyone is doing well !!



Oh man,hope everything goes well. Does it hurt? Or did they describe any possible meds for the pain (if any).
I'm sending you all my positive wishes so that everything goes well and that you recover quickly.
Do update us after everything is done.
Yeah,dermatologists did the same to my mom (she had a different thing on her nail and they misdiagnosed her). It's a good thing you got the actual diagnosis. Now that you know,again I hope everything goes well and that you will be ok afterwards.


--- Quote from: fabio on June 24, 2021, 12:42:24 pm ---Oh man,hope everything goes well. Does it hurt? Or did they describe any possible meds for the pain (if any).

--- End quote ---

Thanks !  8)

No,.. It currently does not hurt.  :)   And I am not sure, if they will give me pain meds or not, after the surgery. I am assuming they may give me something for a few days. Maybe some antibiotics as well, but not sure about that.

Besides being pissed off at dermatology, I am pissed off at myself for not being more aggressive in my care.

Lesson learned !

Hope all is going well Fabio !!

Ray  8)


I may take some before and after pics !



          ojo.         Hello there…good luck on you surgery my friend.        ojo


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