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moderna HIV vaccine

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another news story well time will tell if this one pans out . I know there have been many failed attempts . but this may just be another ? maybe not ? maybe this one has promise?  just thought this might be of interest . 

Anyway this will be a shocking news for who kept Golden chicken for decades

Not sure if a successful vaccine of this type will necessarily mean therapeutic cure.. it might just be a preventive vaccine if it works.

Rollingstone also covered it like this: What the Recent HIV Vaccine Research Findings Really Mean

--- Quote ---Over the past year, there has been a dramatic shift in the amount of space vaccines occupy in the public consciousness. During the development and testing of the current Covid-19 vaccines, people followed the different phases of the clinical trials like an early season of American Idol. In fact, many referred to and thought of it as the “race for a vaccine.” This, of course, makes sense, given that from the very start of the pandemic, public health officials made it clear that having a safe, effective vaccine was our ticket back to some type of normalcy.

Several months into the rollout, vaccines are still very much on our radar. While that truly is a win for public health, last week there was widespread confusion over clinical trial findings first made public in February. According to several dramatic headlines and exuberant, widely shared social media posts, thanks to technology developed by Moderna for their Covid-19 vaccine, a highly effective HIV vaccine is well within reach — like a modern-day public health fairytale.

Unfortunately, that didn’t happen. But some combination of misinterpreting the study’s findings, and our ongoing thirst for vaccine news, resulted in that feel-good narrative going viral. (Sorry.)

--- End quote ---

It's an interesting article.

Vaccine trail approach is to generate rare anti body. Ultimately it will preventive as well as therapeutic.


--- Quote from: nethan1621 on April 18, 2021, 06:01:25 pm ---Vaccine trail approach is to generate rare anti body. Ultimately it will preventive as well as therapeutic.

--- End quote ---
We hope so, but while most vaccines prevent and cure disease, not all do.. and HIV is one tough mf'er to cure.

Btw, that article has some inaccurate information.. for example:

--- Quote ---... in recent years, treatments have been discovered to allow many people with HIV to live relatively normal lives, but can cost upward of $500,000 in developed countries.

--- End quote ---

While it is quite expensive in developed countries, that's a gross exaggeration. There's more but I'm not going to waist anymore time on that gobbledygook.


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