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IMPAACT P1107 Study - HIV remission in a US woman


Jim Allen:
A woman in the USA has been in remission for 14 months without ART after a stell cell transplant with the CCR5 delta-32 mutation.  I've added links at the end of this post, including the initial 2018 publication of this case.

i-base full write-up:

In Short:

--- Quote ---The case involves a woman living with HIV who was diagnosed with acute myelogenous leukemia (AML), a life-threatening cancer, in 2017. The researchers sourced cord blood stem cells from a donor homozygous for the CCR5 delta-32 mutation that prevents expression of the CCR5 co-receptor that most HIV strains use as an entryway into cells.

The aim was to treat the cancer while also generating a new immune system made up of HIV-resistant cells, following the model that has produced three other known cases of likely HIV cures in men (Timothy Ray Brown, Adam Castillejo and the Düsseldorf patient).

A difference with prior cases is that stem cells from umbilical cord blood are less efficient at generating a new immune system after transplantation, so the woman also received stem cells from the peripheral blood of an adult relative who lacked the CCR5 delta-32 mutation.
--- End quote ---

HIV-1 remission IMPAACT P1107

The 2018 publication of this case:

There is also a thread on the London, Berlin and Dusseldorf patients.

This is excellent news. They have also mentioned that they could potentially scale this up to 50 people/year. Still not there yet, but good news reagrdless


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