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Start 2-1-1 prep on Wednesday, missed dose saturday


I missed the dose over 12 hours ago, I haven't had any sex since starting prep as what  I arranged did not happen. Can I still continue as normal today or do I have to double dose again?

Jim Allen:
So if I understand correctly the outcome was you started PrEP but had no sex? Missed a dose and are planning on-demand PrEP for the next encounter?

If the above is correct, just start the On-demand PrEP again. So take two pills between 2 and 24 hours before you have sex and take one pill a day for each day afterwards that sex continues, finally followed by a single pill on each of the two days after you last have sex.

Remember to consider condoms and test regularly for HIV and easier to acquire STI's.

Yes that is correct, so 2 pills Wednesday then a pill on thursday then I missed fridays but was wondering if I could carry on with my daily dose and still be protected or is it better to just wait and take 2 before my next encounter (which might end up being tonight or tomorrow) lol

Jim Allen:

Tonight or tomorrow, start the On-demand PrEP again.
So 2-1-1.

Best Jim


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