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lung cancer incidence among PLHIV has fallen


Jim Allen:
Lung cancer incidence among PLHIV has declined over the past two decades.

Stop smoking guys! in full:

In short:

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People living with HIV are more likely to develop lung cancer compared with the general population, which may be related to a higher rate of smoking and immune suppression, according to study results published in The Lancet HIV. The good news is that lung cancer among HIV-positive people has declined over time, especially for younger age groups.

“The reduction in risk for lung cancer in people living with HIV is most pronounced among those younger than 50 years, who show substantial decreases in relative excess risk compared with the general population,” the study authors wrote. “However, for the increasing proportion of people living with HIV who are living beyond the age of 50 years, the absolute risk of lung cancer has surpassed that of common AIDS-defining cancers and is a considerable excess risk and public health burden.”
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