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Accidentally Touching the Vagina with out Condoms


Hi All,

I went for a massage with a girl and ended up in a hand job. We both were naked and she wanted to sit on top of me. But when she sat on me, my penis accidentally touched her vagina with out a condom in a hard way as it was completely erected. But immediately she moved away.

Now I am completely tensed whether i will get affected by HIV because I am not sure she is negative or not.

Kindly advise as i am completely depressed and feeling guilty.


Jim Allen:

Read your post there times and I am unsure what happened.

If your penis touched, bumped or rubbed against her vagina it isn't an HIV risk. If you had condomless penetration it would be an HIV risk.

Let me know what happened

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Thanks for the reply.

Actually my penis touched her vagina hole accidentally and some millimeters went inside but not much and she moved away immediately. But i never had a condom-less penetration.


Just my tip of my penis touched her vagina

Jim Allen:
Hmmm... I'm not going to play guessing games about what happened, I suspect you had no condomless intercourse and are just stressing about irrational "what ifs" afterwards, but as I don't know what you did, here are the two possibilities and you will know what one is true and applies to you.

1) if there wasn't any penetration then there was no HIV risk to you. End of story, move on with your life, use condoms for any intercourse and as you are sexually active test out of standard routine yearly for STIs & HIV.

2) However, if you had condomless intercourse then test at six weeks post the potential exposure with a blood-drawn (Lab) HIV antibodies test, a non-reactive result at that time would rarely ever change and retesting at three months is generally not needed.


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