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Risk of getting HIV from Giving a blowjob while having a sore throat

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Hello everyone, I recently met up with someone through Grindr and gave him a blowjob while I had a sore throat. He told me that he is HIV-Neg but who knows right ?

I’d like to know whether I should be worried about contracting HIV since I had a sore throat and possible ulcers while giving him a blowjob. He did not ejaculate in my mouth but he had some precum.

He was also licking and kissing my chest which had some rash and open wound , and am wondering if HIV transmission is highly possible if he was bleeding in his mouth?

Thank you everyone in advance for the replies!

Jim Allen:

Licking and kissing you wasn't an HIV.

Giving the blowjob was a minute HIV risk, so minute that we don't recommend stressing or testing outside of standard yearly screening.

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Hi, I understand that giving a blowjob carries very low risk, however I read up online that having sore throat/ ulcers would increase this risk. Is the risk substantial? Should I be worried?

Jim Allen:

No, the mouth generally lacks a route for HIV to infect and even if you did have gaping open wounds like meth mouth, the environment and saliva also neutralize HIV by damaging the receptors needed to infect human cells.

It's such a minute HIV risk that we don't recommend testing outside of the standard yearly routine.

Move on with your life.

Hi, this would be my last question: what if I deep throated him such that his penis was literally touching my throat which has an open wound on it ? Wouldn’t that act as an outlet for direct transmission of the virus into my bloodstream?

Also, I’ve been reading the debates about oral sex on this forum and majority have said that there has been no documented case of someone getting HIV via oral sex, but that is maybe during the late 2000 or early 2010. Now that it is 2022, are there any updated case studies on hiv transmission via oral sex or documented cases where someone contracted hiv via oral?


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