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2 PLHIV - Possible Sterilizing Cure Without Stem Cell Transplantation


Jim Allen:
I'm sure we covered these patients before, I know we covered the first patient a few times over the years, but I was sure the second case was discussed, however, despite searching, I can't find the thread from last year.

So apologies if this is a duplicate. Anyhow, so good news for 2 individuals who seem to have reached a naturally sterilizing phase.
A Possible Sterilizing Cure of HIV-1 Infection Without Stem Cell Transplantation

--- Quote ---Genome-intact and replication-competent HIV-1 were not detected in an elite controller despite analysis of massive numbers of cells from blood and tissues, suggesting that this patient may have naturally achieved a sterilizing cure of HIV-1 infection. These observations raise the possibility that a sterilizing cure may be an extremely rare but possible outcome of HIV-1 infection.
--- End quote --- writeup:


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