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Providing "Sexual Fluid" Samples

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I am beginning a clinical trial for HAART-naive folk which has an option "sexual fluids" sample collection at some of the visits. I've provisionally consented to supplying the samples, but I'm a little puzzled by the logistics. They said that I could "bring in" the sample as long as I can deliver it with in three hours of "sample generation" (that's my euphemistic turn-of-phrase), but I guess I'd worry that even that interval (on hot NYC subways, for example) would degrade the sample. But, this is a hospital, not a sperm donation clinic, so I doubt they have "materials" to aid in the "sample generation" on site -- or for that matter, any room which might be conducive to such activity. (I'm unfortunately not so turned on by the "medical" fetishes...)

I'm not too worried about this, but I'm a little puzzled by it, and I'm wondering how others have faced this situation. I'm curious if anyone has faced this or similar dilemmas in clinical trials. Funny anecdotes, anyone?

carbonNYC -a-t-

I suppose you can 'generate your sample' (funny!) at home, and take a cab that day rather than riding than subway. I think this would justify the cost. Gotta keep those swimmers cool! Or, heck, use a small cooler with some ice, then take the train. Keep us posted how 'it' works J.

The study I'm in calls it a "genital secretions sample."  I do it right there in a room in a clinic.  They put a sign on the door that says "testing in progress, do not disturb"  It ain't easy, 'cause you can't use any lube or spit or anything.  Suffice to say, it is a less than stimulating environment, but I manage. The only problem is, the sample is never as robust as what I can usually manage.

I have NO IDEA what they do with it after I supply the sample.  Count the bugs in it, I suppose.

So go to the clinic with some porn in your backpack, and give it a wank for science.

What is the number of the study you are doing?


I picture myself telling the cabbie to "step on it"! And then running through the halls of the hospital with my special delivery. And then a door opens, I slam into it, "spilling my seed" all over the place. There's a Seinfeld plot in there somewhere...

And, yes, I believe the text of the study calls them "genital secretions" -- but that makes them sound dirty.  ;)

Anyway, I can honestly say I hadn't considered the possibility of toting along some of my own porn. I guess I'm usually concerned about someone noticing that sticking out of my backpack. But that sounds like a good plan. However, I hadn't realized that they don't even allow saliva as a lubricant. Would it be wise to moisturize with lotion for a few days beforehand to make it more bearable?

And what do you think is more important for an HIV study? Volume per se or sperm density?

I don't have the study number on hand -- and I'm still in the pre-screening phase -- but it's an investigation of Fuzeon (enfuvirtide) in HAART-naive patients.  :-\ Twice-a-day injections? Woo hoo!

Don't be such a wuss.....get a "sample cup"   go in one of the single bathrooms they seem to have all over hospitals......think of the hottest guys/guys you have ever been with and watch that beauty grow......if lube is needed   ..try some plain water ( ask if this will contaminate the sample shouldn't )   and wank onnnnn....


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